COVID safe

Back to school


We’re delighted to welcome our children back, after such troubling times its been great to have the playground and classrooms ring with laughter once again.

How we’re staying safe


As the kids slowly settle back into routine we would like to reassure all parents that we are carrying out thorough daily deep and detailed cleaning protocols to ensure that all the children and staff are as safe as possible at Joel. In addition to the daily disinfection of all equipment, surfaces, floors, bathrooms and kitchen, we have set up sanitising stations outside for parents to sanitise their hands upon collection and pick up.


In order to minimise the risk to each Joel family we have set out a staggered timetable for drop off and pick up so timings are specific to each child; ensuring that social distancing guidelines are adhered to. Therefore, currently no parents are let into the building and children are handed over in the playground.


In accordance with government advice we have organised the children in bubbles, this ensures that children are only mixing with the same selected pupils and teachers each time they are at Joel. This even extends to each child having an assigned seat and their belongings being kept together with those in their bubble.


As numbers increase, staff are working very hard to plan the day so that each bubble is separated from the other, with separate lunch and play times to ensure that at no point do children from different bubbles come into close contact with each other or any equipment the other bubble has used.


Thank You

We would like to thank the parents of all the pupils that have come back to school, these are unprecedented times, families, communities and the whole nation has been separated for months now.

But in our division we have united in spirit; the cooperation and resilience the parents and children of Joel have shown throughout is commendable.


So thank you all for trusting Joel!

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